New Brewery of the Year 2015, Danish Beer Blog Awards

New Brewery of the Year 2015, Brewski from Helsingborg in SwedenFor the category New Brewery of the Year 2015, most of the other Danish bloggers have looked at new Danish breweries, but I have looked a tiny little bit abroad to some nice people from Sweden. I could have tried to decide between Howling Monkey and Dry & Bitter, but in the end, I just have to give this one to Brewski from Helsingborg, just about as close to Denmark as you can be when you’re in Sweden.

The Swedes (who actually opened the brewery very late in 2014), haven’t just started a brewery and impressed me with their good beer. They have more or less added a new beer style to the Scandinavian beer scene. I had read about Berliner Weisse with tropical fruit made in Florida, and I have had a few fruited versions of Northern German sour beers from Freigeist, but I wasn’t convinced yet.


To be honest, Berliner Weisse from Berlin is a lousy beer. Boring and tasting mostly of baking yeast and cloying sweet when fruit syrup is added. But the Berliner Weisse from Brewski that I first tasted on the Copenhagen Beer Festival in May were just instantly made me understand that hype in Florida. Find yourself a bottle of Brewski Tropical Sneeze, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The fact that they also do some excellent pale ales and IPAs with fruit just mean that I now have a favourite fruit beer brewery in the world. If modern hipster hops taste of tropical fruit, why not add some mango or pineapple to the mix. It makes a lot of sense, and Brewski do it well. There you have it, Beertalk’s New Brewery of the Year 2015, is Brewski.

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