Brazilian craft beer is happening

The oldest Brazilian Craft beer brewers, Eisenbahn. Photo from wikipedia
Eisenbahn beer. Photo from wikipedia

Craft beer is happening everywhere in the world these years, and of course also slowly but surely in the worlds third largest beer market, Brazil. At the occassion of the football world cup, I wrote an article about Brazilian craft beer for the Danish Beer Enthusiasts bi-monthly magazine, and since I got a lot of help from Brazilian fellow beer writer, home brewer and hop lover Mariana, it’s only fair that I also make it available in English so she can read it.

At the Copenhagen Beer Celebration, Mariana was one of several Brazilians who had made the trip all the way to Denmark. We talked about female brewers, metal rock, the silliness of religion, and also about the Brazilian craft beer scene. And I learned some interesting points that I thought would make a good article.  Læs mere Brazilian craft beer is happening