Borefts Beer Festival 2013

Borefts Beer Festival 2013 collection of De Molen glassesSecond blog post and I’m already turning to English. Since Borefts Beer Festival is an international European event, I would like my foreign friends to be able to read along. The festival took place at Brouwerij De Molen on September 27-28. We’re a group of three from Odense who were there for the fourth time, and this year we were 8 people going. The festival has grown and developed since 2010, but the center of attention is still great beer from some of Europe’s most innovative brewers. Although some beers ran out on Saturday evening it’s a festival with exceptional good logistics. Keep it simple, and things work. You buy a glass and some tokens, and then you walk around, tasting beers. This year it was even very easy to find a table, which is a bit of an improvement. And what did I enjoy drinking? Læs mere Borefts Beer Festival 2013