Braukunst-Live: Craft Beer Festival in Germany

Braukunst-Live 2015 at MVG Museum in MunichThis weekend I was in Munich for the German craft beer festival called Braukunst-Live (The art of beer – live). Here are some of my thoughts about the festival and a few beer highlights. When writing about international beer festivals, I find it makes more sense writing in English. There will be a longer, Danish version in “ØLentusiasteN”, the member magazine of Danish Beer Enthusiasts.

The festival was open Friday through Sunday, and was reasonably full for most of the opening hours. Saturday evening we left and had dinner in town, but heard it was very crowded. The festival has been growing explosively since the first festival in 2012, and it looks like that trend is continuing. Læs mere Braukunst-Live: Craft Beer Festival in Germany