Ugly Duck/De Molen Nothing But Trouble

The3 original and six different barrel aged versions of Ugly Duck/De Molen Nothing But Trouble
Then original and six different barrel aged versions of Ugly Duck/De Molen Nothing But Trouble

This weekend Ugly Duck Brewing releases six new barrel aged versions of a collaboration beer with Brouwerij De Molen, called Nothing But Trouble. I’ll be presenting the beers at the big annual Christmas beer release event at the Indslev Brewery (mother brewery of the Ugly Duck brand), so I have had a little preview of the beers. Yes, I’m working for the brewery, so take these notes for what it is.

The original, unbarrelled, version could be tasted at the Copenhagen Beer Festival as Ugly Duck/De Molen Eendens & Molens, but hasn’t been for sale elsewhere until now. It’s an 11% Imperial Stout brewed with a little licorice and some smoked malt. Read an excellent blog in Danish from the brewday at Rigeligt Smør. Læs mere Ugly Duck/De Molen Nothing But Trouble

Borefts Beer Festival 2015

At Borefts Beer Festival 2015. The evening view from the old mill
At Borefts Beer Festival 2015. The evening view from the old mill

Borefts Beer Festival 2015 was the seventh edition of the De Molen festival – and my sixth time visiting with a group of beer lovers from Odense. This year saw the festival growing even further, with a new warehouse being included, and the first floor of the warehouse offering a quiet place to sit and talk/write about the great beer. A nice touch that we took advantage of.

The first time we attended, on the festival’s year 2, we had tasted every beer available by Saturday afternoon, after two half-days of beer tasting. Recently, we have picked the more interesting sounding beers, and not really cared how many we managed. Today, it would have been near impossible to do all of them anyway. Læs mere Borefts Beer Festival 2015

Borefts Beer Festival 2014

Christian Scheffel enjoying a Tilquin Gueuze at Borefts Beer Festival 2014
Enjoying a Tilquin Gueuze

This weekend I was at Borefts Beer Festival, the De Molen festival in Bodegraven, Holland. It was the fifth time I attended with beer loving friends from Odense. I wrote about the 2013 festival in some of the first entries on this blog, going carefully through what my favourite brewers had to offer. This year I’ll do it all in a single blog about the good and bad at the 2014 festival, rather than a long list of great beers.

Borefts Beer Festival has evolved over the years and there have been changes every year. The past few years, the geographical lay-out of the festival has had to change every year, to accomodate more and more guests. This year it was all in one place, in and around the new brewing facilities. Much better than having the festival split up in two locations across the road, but also pretty crowded at times.  Læs mere Borefts Beer Festival 2014

Borefts Beer Festival 2013

Borefts Beer Festival 2013 collection of De Molen glassesSecond blog post and I’m already turning to English. Since Borefts Beer Festival is an international European event, I would like my foreign friends to be able to read along. The festival took place at Brouwerij De Molen on September 27-28. We’re a group of three from Odense who were there for the fourth time, and this year we were 8 people going. The festival has grown and developed since 2010, but the center of attention is still great beer from some of Europe’s most innovative brewers. Although some beers ran out on Saturday evening it’s a festival with exceptional good logistics. Keep it simple, and things work. You buy a glass and some tokens, and then you walk around, tasting beers. This year it was even very easy to find a table, which is a bit of an improvement. And what did I enjoy drinking? Læs mere Borefts Beer Festival 2013

Første indlæg

Orval øl og glasHvordan tager man en ny blog i brug? Det virker signifikant hvad der bliver skrevet om i det første indlæg, skal det være en programerklæring? Det kan jeg så afsløre at det ikke skal være, det skal heller ikke være en fest eller en ceremoniel åbning med pomp og pragt og flag og skåltaler. I morgen tager jeg nemlig til Ølfestival i Holland når Brouwerij De Molen holder Borefts Beer Festival. Det vil jeg jo gerne blogge lidt om når jeg kommer hjem, så det var bare med at få bloggen i gang. Og her er så et ølbillede, taget fra arkivet og justeret lidt i farverne. Kendere vil bemærke at det stammer fra før jeg fik et Orval-glas, det kan afsløres at det er ret længe siden.