Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2015

The glass from Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2015This past weekend saw the fourth edition of the Copenhagen Beer Celebration, and I was there for the fourth time, though spending much of the time drinking beer elsewhere in Copenhagen. I had a great time!

The week leading up to the festival was built up to be Copenhagen Beer Week, with plenty of events and especially tap takeovers around town. We didn’t attend actual events, but we did get a lot of beer that were leftovers from tap takeovers. We were four from Odense sharing a hostel room from Thursday to Sunday, two having tickets for all four CBC session and myself and Mads having Friday evening tickets.

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Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014

Photo: Rob Love
Photo: Rob Love

The third edition of Copenhagen Beer Celebration was held by Mikkeller this weekend in Spartahallen in Copenhagen. Like last year, it was divided into sessions with unlimited beer for a limited time. Each of the 40 breweries then had two different beers per session, which added up to more than enough beer per session. We only went to the first session, Friday from 10am to 2:30pm, the only session that was still available when we bought them, just a few hours after the ticket sale opened, back in November 2013.

It’s quite an overwhelming event, with so many great breweries serving so many great beers, and I’m sure I couldn’t handle much more than one  session, but at least this year we also took out time to visit the exciting food stands and get something to eat. I didn’t try all the 80 beers, didn’t even try to have all the ones that were new to me, but I did have everything I wanted. Here are some Copenhagen Beer Celebration highlights: Læs mere Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014

Brewday at Amager Bryghus with Prairie Artisan Ales

The true purpose of a collaboration brewday
The true purpose of a collaboration brewday

On Thursday I was invited to a brewday at Amager Bryghus for a collaboration beer with Prairie Artisan Ales. The Copenhagen Beer Celebration brought a bunch of great brewers to Copenhagen and the area’s most renowned brewery Amager took advantage of the occassion to do some collaboration brews with four of them – apart from Prairie, it was Cigar City, Surly, and Jester King. Since it was an international brewday, and since the CBC is an international beer festival, I’m writing in English – expect a lot of English in this month.

The brewdays are fun days with lots of people invited. Journalists, bloggers and friends of the brewery gather for a day of beer and banter, while Amager’s hired hand René brews the beer. I know I’m invited to promote the brewery and the brew, so let’s just get that out of the way: I write this blog to make you, the reader, enjoy good beer, and it doesn’t bother me to be “bribed” to write about Amager Bryghus – I hope you look forward to taste the resulting beer as much as I do! Læs mere Brewday at Amager Bryghus with Prairie Artisan Ales