Copenhagen Beer & Whisky Festival

Skuespiller Cecilie Lassen er klar til Copenhagen Beer & Whisky Festival
Skuespiller Cecilie Lassen er klar til Copenhagen Beer & Whisky Festival

Om et øjeblik begynder den nye Copenhagen Beer & Whisky Festival. Jeg havde ikke lige fantasi til et skrive et indlæg om sagen, men festivalens presseafdeling hjalp mig heldigvis på vej og sendte mig nedenstående otte gode grunde til at besøge festivalen.

1. Nordic Beer Challenge viser vej til øllets mestre

En rigtig god vejviser til Copenhagen Beer & Whisky Festival bliver Nordic Beer Challenge, der på festivalens første dag uddeler medaljer til de allerbedste øl. Så hvis du er i tvivl om, hvor du starter og slutter dit besøg, skal du dukke op ved scenen torsdag kl. 16, hvor medaljer hænges om halsen på de bedste af de bedste. Mange af medaljemodtagerne vil være til stede på Copenhagen Beer & Whisky Festival, så efter prisuddelingen vil du være godt rustet til at få det bedste ud af dit besøg.

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Running list – Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival

Glass and post cards. Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival 2016As I write this, the biggest annual beer event here in Odense is just opening. To pace myself, I wait a few hours to join. The beer list was only published yesterday after I had written a blog about the event, so here is a supplement with the running list along with a few recommendations.

The beers will all be changed every morning and every evening at 6pm. The cask ales will be a little more stable, simply because Thornbridge Jaipur and the golden ales from Crouch Vale are ridiculously popular. In a seperate tent, put up to double capacity, the programme is also more stable, with seven taps being the same all weekend, and five more used for leftovers from the main bar. Læs mere Running list – Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival

Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival 2016

Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival. Lovely pint of golden aleSince its more humble beginning as the pub’s ten years anniversary celebration, Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival has become an institution on the local beer scene in Odense. It’s a celebration of hoppy beer, and more than 100 different beers will be on tap during this weekend. Lots of Danish beers but also hoppy beers from around the world.

It all begins tomorrow, Thursday 5 May at noon, and until Saturday night, beers will rotate twice a day. Every day at opening, and again at 6pm, all the beers will change, meaning that 40 different beers will be served each day. It’s Ascension Day tomorrow, and it’s a public holiday in Denmark, meaning that every year, there is a sunny weekend in May where Danes have Thursday off, and often also Friday. All in all, the perfect time for the three day Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival. Læs mere Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival 2016

Borefts Beer Festival 2015

At Borefts Beer Festival 2015. The evening view from the old mill
At Borefts Beer Festival 2015. The evening view from the old mill

Borefts Beer Festival 2015 was the seventh edition of the De Molen festival – and my sixth time visiting with a group of beer lovers from Odense. This year saw the festival growing even further, with a new warehouse being included, and the first floor of the warehouse offering a quiet place to sit and talk/write about the great beer. A nice touch that we took advantage of.

The first time we attended, on the festival’s year 2, we had tasted every beer available by Saturday afternoon, after two half-days of beer tasting. Recently, we have picked the more interesting sounding beers, and not really cared how many we managed. Today, it would have been near impossible to do all of them anyway. Læs mere Borefts Beer Festival 2015

Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2015

The glass from Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2015This past weekend saw the fourth edition of the Copenhagen Beer Celebration, and I was there for the fourth time, though spending much of the time drinking beer elsewhere in Copenhagen. I had a great time!

The week leading up to the festival was built up to be Copenhagen Beer Week, with plenty of events and especially tap takeovers around town. We didn’t attend actual events, but we did get a lot of beer that were leftovers from tap takeovers. We were four from Odense sharing a hostel room from Thursday to Sunday, two having tickets for all four CBC session and myself and Mads having Friday evening tickets.

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Braukunst-Live: Craft Beer Festival in Germany

Braukunst-Live 2015 at MVG Museum in MunichThis weekend I was in Munich for the German craft beer festival called Braukunst-Live (The art of beer – live). Here are some of my thoughts about the festival and a few beer highlights. When writing about international beer festivals, I find it makes more sense writing in English. There will be a longer, Danish version in “ØLentusiasteN”, the member magazine of Danish Beer Enthusiasts.

The festival was open Friday through Sunday, and was reasonably full for most of the opening hours. Saturday evening we left and had dinner in town, but heard it was very crowded. The festival has been growing explosively since the first festival in 2012, and it looks like that trend is continuing. Læs mere Braukunst-Live: Craft Beer Festival in Germany

Borefts Beer Festival 2014

Christian Scheffel enjoying a Tilquin Gueuze at Borefts Beer Festival 2014
Enjoying a Tilquin Gueuze

This weekend I was at Borefts Beer Festival, the De Molen festival in Bodegraven, Holland. It was the fifth time I attended with beer loving friends from Odense. I wrote about the 2013 festival in some of the first entries on this blog, going carefully through what my favourite brewers had to offer. This year I’ll do it all in a single blog about the good and bad at the 2014 festival, rather than a long list of great beers.

Borefts Beer Festival has evolved over the years and there have been changes every year. The past few years, the geographical lay-out of the festival has had to change every year, to accomodate more and more guests. This year it was all in one place, in and around the new brewing facilities. Much better than having the festival split up in two locations across the road, but also pretty crowded at times.  Læs mere Borefts Beer Festival 2014

Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014

Photo: Rob Love
Photo: Rob Love

The third edition of Copenhagen Beer Celebration was held by Mikkeller this weekend in Spartahallen in Copenhagen. Like last year, it was divided into sessions with unlimited beer for a limited time. Each of the 40 breweries then had two different beers per session, which added up to more than enough beer per session. We only went to the first session, Friday from 10am to 2:30pm, the only session that was still available when we bought them, just a few hours after the ticket sale opened, back in November 2013.

It’s quite an overwhelming event, with so many great breweries serving so many great beers, and I’m sure I couldn’t handle much more than one  session, but at least this year we also took out time to visit the exciting food stands and get something to eat. I didn’t try all the 80 beers, didn’t even try to have all the ones that were new to me, but I did have everything I wanted. Here are some Copenhagen Beer Celebration highlights: Læs mere Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014

Borefts Beer Festival 2013

Borefts Beer Festival 2013 collection of De Molen glassesSecond blog post and I’m already turning to English. Since Borefts Beer Festival is an international European event, I would like my foreign friends to be able to read along. The festival took place at Brouwerij De Molen on September 27-28. We’re a group of three from Odense who were there for the fourth time, and this year we were 8 people going. The festival has grown and developed since 2010, but the center of attention is still great beer from some of Europe’s most innovative brewers. Although some beers ran out on Saturday evening it’s a festival with exceptional good logistics. Keep it simple, and things work. You buy a glass and some tokens, and then you walk around, tasting beers. This year it was even very easy to find a table, which is a bit of an improvement. And what did I enjoy drinking? Læs mere Borefts Beer Festival 2013