Beer Experience of the Year 2015, Danish Beer Blog Awards

Beer Experience of the Year 2015 Hair of the Dog Adam From The WoodBeer experience of the year 2015 is the last award to give out this week in the end of year series from the Danish beer bloggers. It could have been one of numerous beer festivals and other beer events, but to me it’s just one particular beer drinking experience at home that stands out in my memory.

I’m rating beer on Ratebeer, and we’re a few people here in Odense who regularly get together and share a bunch of beers. Sometimes they’re as good as we expected, and other times they are a little disappointing. And then, every now and then, a beer stands out as sublime, far beyond what we could have expected. One cold, dark afternoon in early November, we had not one, but two of those, and I’m pretty sure that all three of us agreed that it was extraordinary.

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Beer dinner at Onder de Toren

Restaurant Onder de TorenIn restaurant Onder de Toren, in Hansbeke outside of Ghent, 32 year old chef Sam van Houcke creates wonderful Flemish food. It’s an up and coming restaurant, and he has been included in the 2015 Flanders Kitchen Rebels, Outstanding Young Chefs.

This is where we finished my trip to Belgium back in September. Yes, it was an intense trip, with a lot to write about! We had an excellent meal, three courses plus snacks, and plenty of excellent beer. Læs mere Beer dinner at Onder de Toren

Ugly Duck/De Molen Nothing But Trouble

The3 original and six different barrel aged versions of Ugly Duck/De Molen Nothing But Trouble
Then original and six different barrel aged versions of Ugly Duck/De Molen Nothing But Trouble

This weekend Ugly Duck Brewing releases six new barrel aged versions of a collaboration beer with Brouwerij De Molen, called Nothing But Trouble. I’ll be presenting the beers at the big annual Christmas beer release event at the Indslev Brewery (mother brewery of the Ugly Duck brand), so I have had a little preview of the beers. Yes, I’m working for the brewery, so take these notes for what it is.

The original, unbarrelled, version could be tasted at the Copenhagen Beer Festival as Ugly Duck/De Molen Eendens & Molens, but hasn’t been for sale elsewhere until now. It’s an 11% Imperial Stout brewed with a little licorice and some smoked malt. Read an excellent blog in Danish from the brewday at Rigeligt Smør. Læs mere Ugly Duck/De Molen Nothing But Trouble

Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2015

The glass from Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2015This past weekend saw the fourth edition of the Copenhagen Beer Celebration, and I was there for the fourth time, though spending much of the time drinking beer elsewhere in Copenhagen. I had a great time!

The week leading up to the festival was built up to be Copenhagen Beer Week, with plenty of events and especially tap takeovers around town. We didn’t attend actual events, but we did get a lot of beer that were leftovers from tap takeovers. We were four from Odense sharing a hostel room from Thursday to Sunday, two having tickets for all four CBC session and myself and Mads having Friday evening tickets.

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Braukunst-Live: Craft Beer Festival in Germany

Braukunst-Live 2015 at MVG Museum in MunichThis weekend I was in Munich for the German craft beer festival called Braukunst-Live (The art of beer – live). Here are some of my thoughts about the festival and a few beer highlights. When writing about international beer festivals, I find it makes more sense writing in English. There will be a longer, Danish version in “ØLentusiasteN”, the member magazine of Danish Beer Enthusiasts.

The festival was open Friday through Sunday, and was reasonably full for most of the opening hours. Saturday evening we left and had dinner in town, but heard it was very crowded. The festival has been growing explosively since the first festival in 2012, and it looks like that trend is continuing. Læs mere Braukunst-Live: Craft Beer Festival in Germany

Seven new Amager Bryghus special releases

Seven new Amager Bryghus Special Releases 2014This spring Amager Bryghus released three new barrel aged beers, and on July 4, four American collaboration brews followed. Amager Bryghus special releases are always of interest, and last week I reviewed each of the beers in Danish. They are so good that they also deserved a piece in English and that’s what you’re reading here.

The barrel aging program has been around for a while – and by program I mean, it used to be a tiny room with a dozen barrels – but this set of releases were beers brewed with barrel aging in mind, not beers from the regular line-up. Two barley wines and an imperial stout that was quite different from other Amager stouts. The four collaborations were done with breweries visiting Denmark for the Copenhagen Beer Celebration. Læs mere Seven new Amager Bryghus special releases

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti BreakThese days, it’s very few beers that completely stun me. Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break is such a beer, a completely amazing sweet and strong imperial stout. It’s currently on tap at the local pub, Christian Firtal, and on Saturday I’ll be sharing a bottle with a few others of the local beer geeks. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s equally good when bottled.

The original Biscotti Break was a 7.5% porter brewed in 2011 for the Rome-Barcelona beer cruise. A porter with Italian inspiration, brewed with espresso, vanilla and almonds, hence the name. It was good, but not leaving a lasting impression on me. In the 11.5% imperial version, it’s my impression that there’s less coffee, vanilla and almonds, to let the beer shine on its own. Læs mere Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break