Cantillon Tap Room – Impressions from Brussels

Visiting the Cantillon tap roomAt the old traditional lambic brewery Cantillon, the tap room has really become an international attraction. Just a few years ago Cantillon was a dusty old museum that served a couple of beers at the end of the tour. But now, the Cantillon tap room is a vibrant place where beer geeks from around the world come to taste and share some amazing beers, including a lot of rarities.

When visiting Brussels a few weeks ago, we stayed in a hostel in the Western part of the city. This is far from the institutions of the European Union. It’s a cheap place to live and it looks cheap and poor. But our hostel was right between the Moeder Lambic beer bar, and the Cantillon brewery, which was perfect.

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3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera

3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera geuze in a proper lambic basketAnother snapshot from Brussels. Visiting one of the sacred places of lambic beer. And drinking the amazing sherry cask aged geuze 3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera. A big advantage of being in Brussels by car was that we could spend Saturday morning driving out to Beersel, visiting 3 Fonteinen and Oud Beersel and then returning to the city after a great lunch at 3 Fonteinen Restaurant.

The highlight of the whole trip was the beer for our lunch. The rare and sought after 3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera was worth the hype and the 50 Euros. A great experience. The lambic has been matured for a year on old Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, and then blended into a fine geuze.  Continue reading 3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera

Running list – Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival

Glass and post cards. Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival 2016As I write this, the biggest annual beer event here in Odense is just opening. To pace myself, I wait a few hours to join. The beer list was only published yesterday after I had written a blog about the event, so here is a supplement with the running list along with a few recommendations.

The beers will all be changed every morning and every evening at 6pm. The cask ales will be a little more stable, simply because Thornbridge Jaipur and the golden ales from Crouch Vale are ridiculously popular. In a seperate tent, put up to double capacity, the programme is also more stable, with seven taps being the same all weekend, and five more used for leftovers from the main bar. Continue reading Running list – Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival

Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival 2016

Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival. Lovely pint of golden aleSince its more humble beginning as the pub’s ten years anniversary celebration, Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival has become an institution on the local beer scene in Odense. It’s a celebration of hoppy beer, and more than 100 different beers will be on tap during this weekend. Lots of Danish beers but also hoppy beers from around the world.

It all begins tomorrow, Thursday 5 May at noon, and until Saturday night, beers will rotate twice a day. Every day at opening, and again at 6pm, all the beers will change, meaning that 40 different beers will be served each day. It’s Ascension Day tomorrow, and it’s a public holiday in Denmark, meaning that every year, there is a sunny weekend in May where Danes have Thursday off, and often also Friday. All in all, the perfect time for the three day Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival. Continue reading Christian Firtal Pale Ale Festival 2016

Brasserie De La Senne – Impressions from Brussels

De La Senne Taras BoulbaI was in Brussels this weekend, and I think I’m going to write a few little “postcards” from important places in Brussels. Our trip had two main purposes: To visit Cantillon and 3 Fonteinen, and to drink a lot of fresh and delicious De La Senne beer. We succeeded.

While much Belgian beer is sweet and strong, De La Senne have almost found their own niche with low alcohol, golden hoppy ales. There are a few other breweries who are brewing some nice hoppy pale ales, and saison is making a come back, but De La Senne have perfected this kind of beer. Continue reading Brasserie De La Senne – Impressions from Brussels

Review: Thisted Bryghus Goldings and Target

Thisted Bryghus Goldings and TargetThisted Bryghus is an old Danish brewery with a long tradition. It has survived as independent while most breweries in Denmark were bought and closed by Carlsberg and a couple of other big players. They have a fantastic core range of beers, including Denmark’s first organic beer and the world famous Limfjordsporter. And then they make a lot of other beers.

Last year they started an Anglo-American range with three American styles that I reviewed in Danish back then. This year they have presented three English styles. Here is a review of two of them, a pale ale hopped with Goldings and a brown ale hopped with Target. The third beer is Pilgrim, an oatmeal stout hopped with Pilgrim, no wait, with First Gold hops. Continue reading Review: Thisted Bryghus Goldings and Target

Beermaze – ny dansk webshop

12 øl fra Beermaze ølabonnementFor en uges tid siden blev jeg kontaktet af en nyetableret dansk webshop, Beermaze, som gerne ville sende mig en kasse øl fra deres ølabonnement, så jeg kunne prøve det. Jeg sagde ja tak, og samme aften blev kassen leveret. De er fra Odense, så personlig levering var let. Men nogle af mine blogger-kolleger som også har sagt ja, har endnu ikke modtaget deres. Måske er leveringen ikke helt så skarp hvis ikke man bor i Odense.

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Amager Bryghus and Nøgne Ø Collaboration Brew Day

The people from Amager Bryghus and Nøgne Ø
The people from Amager Bryghus and Nøgne Ø

Amager Bryghus has a grand tradition of inviting other breweries to do collaboration brews. At long last it was time to invite the Norwegians from Nøgne Ø. In the past decade both breweries have been on Ratebeer’s Top 100 Breweries in the world. And if we look at actual, physical breweries, there should be no discussion that they’re the two most respected breweries in Scandinavia.

They are two of my very favourite breweries in the world, and I’m really looking forward to taste the result of this brew day. But first things first. I arrived at the brewery at 10am. Mashing hadn’t even begun yet, but in their defense, Amager Bryghus’ brewer René had already brewed a batch of Hr. Frederiksen earlier that “day”.  Continue reading Amager Bryghus and Nøgne Ø Collaboration Brew Day

Beer ‘n’ Booze Festival i Vejle

Beer 'n' Booze Festival i Vejle
Beer ‘n’ Booze Festival i Vejle

I denne weekend den 18. og 19. marts er der øl- og spiritusmesse i Vejle under navnet Beer ‘n’ Booze Festival. Den lokale iværksætter Jonas Rørdam har taget initiativ til messen, der samler øl og spiritus på én messe. Det er noget der sjældent ses i Danmark, men er meget udbredt i Sverige, med Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival som forbillede.

Beer ‘n’ Booze Festival afholdes i Spektrum-hallen i Vejle, og holder åbent kl. 12-21 både fredag og lørdag. Entreen er overskuelige 50 kr. og derefter købes smagsprøver med poletter til 10 kr. stykket. Continue reading Beer ‘n’ Booze Festival i Vejle

Esrum Kloster – Danmarks nye festival for Klosterøl

Esrum Kloster. Klosterøl brygget af Bryggeriet Skands til Esrum KlosterEsrum Kloster på Nordsjælland har mange fine kulturelle aktiviteter, og nu bliver en ølfestival også føjet til. I weekenden 12-13 marts åbner klosteret til sin første ølfestival med udgangspunkt i klosterøl. En stribe små og endnu mindre danske bryggerier stiller op, og medbringer både klosterølstyper og øvrigt sortiment.

Festivalen har åbent lørdag den 12. marts kl. 11-21 og søndag den 13. marts 11-17.  Continue reading Esrum Kloster – Danmarks nye festival for Klosterøl